Month: <span>August 2016</span>


Membership Update

John Waypa, our Treasurer and Membership Committee Chairperson, continually updates the MHNA database as membership forms and dues are received. Currently, our membership stands at 252 families for the 2015-2016 dues cycle, a 21% increase from the 2013- 2014 membership level, and the highest membership ever for the Miller Heights Neighborhoods Association.

If you are not already an MHNA member, please consider joining. If you are currently a member your renewal and continued support of our community activities is very important to us. This is an important civic organization that offers our communities a collective voice when significant local issues affect us.

November 2020 MHNA Newsletter

MHNA Annual Yard Sale – April/May 2017

The MHNA is sponsoring a yard/garage for the April/May 2017 timeframe from 0800 thru 5 pm each day, rain or shine. Watch for a later announcement and signs with the exact dates. Everyone is invited to participate. One family’s junk is another family’s treasure.

Please contact Marlene Hammond at for signs or stop by at 3322 Saddlestone Ct and pick up two signs for use at your home. Please return the borrowed signs after Sunday evening.