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miller heightsThe Miller Heights Neighborhood Association (MHNA) is a civic organization, not a homeowner’s association, created over 20 years ago by neighbors who successfully organized to prevent the re-districting of our community to different schools.

Thanks to the voluntary membership support of approximately 66% of the households in the Miller Heights neighborhood, the Miller Heights Neighborhood Association has become an important civic organization that offers our residents a strong collective voice in significant local issues. In February 2013, AT&T, through their contractor NewPath Networks, applied to Fairfax County to locate four new Cell Node Towers on Miller Heights and Blue Roan Roads. MHNA voiced its displeasure to this action at the town hall meeting discussing this application, and consequently AT&T withdrew its application for the Miller Heights area, while similar applications for other Fairfax County locations have gone forward.

Your membership dues have also been used to fund the following efforts to upgrade and maintain the appearance of the Miller Heights neighborhood.

  • Purchase and installation of the Miller Heights sign at the Oakton Road entrance to Miller Heights;
  • Development and installation of the stone border wall, and landscaping around the Miller Heights sign at the Oakton Road entrance;
  • Purchase and installation of the solar powered lights for the Miller Heights sign at the Oakton Road entrance; Hiring of a landscaper to cut and maintain the common lawn area adjacent to the Miller Heights sign and the four other common areas located along Miller Heights Road;
  • Removal of the Derecho caused tree storm damage in the four common areas located along Miller Heights Roads.

MHNA is dedicated to serving our community by providing a valuable service. Our members enjoy all the perks of our organization. We welcome you with open arms. Please inquire today about how you can become a part of our growing membership. We are always looking for community-based volunteers as well. Volunteers aid the community in various ways. To learn more email us at info@mhnanews.com.

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