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Spring General Meeting – March 30

The MHNA Spring General Meeting was held on March 30, 2016 at the Waples Mill Elementary School Library Classroom from 7:30-8:30pm.  The following are the meeting minutes.

Board Members Present (underlined):
President Jim Tiani
Vice Pres. Marlene Hammond
Treasurer John Waypa
Secretary Leslie Campbell

Committee Chairs Present (underlined):
Membership – John Waypa
Webmaster – Omar Franco
Newsletter – Barry Ingram
Trails – Helen Hollingsworth
Landscaping – Leslie Lilly
Hospitality – Craig Lilly
Safety – Jim Tiani

Opening /General Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm in the cafeteria of Waples Mill Elementary School. There were approximately 8 community members in attendance (2 more trickled in). Jim indicated that attendance at this “meet and greet meeting” news blast never went out. Should we put an effort under way to switch out website and communications to another person? Most attendees came only via signage placement.

New directory is being put together for the next two years. Trying to figure out a way to keep up approx. 550 homes in MHNA area (221 paid up members in 2014-2016). Records were very up to date for new home owners. Craig tries to keep a listing of home owners by real estate records (issue would be knowing home rentals and tenants). Also some folks choose not to have names and other info posted in the directory (just list address). 20 home a year turn over on average each year.

Absentee landlords and derelict houses were discussed:
11113 Lochinver – absentee owner Blakemore
(maybe also 11109 Lochinver is absentee)
3309 Saddlestone – DP Capital owns to flip

Community Support Opportunity – There is currently a Miller Heights Facebook page that is private and moderated by Carine Flatt Newberry. This might be a good starting point for securing neighbor to  neighbor assistance on an ad hoc basis.

Other items

Yard Sale – Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend (new coordinator maybe – Donna Turlock?)
Park Clean up – 4/10/16
Per John Waypa – 244 current members (17% increase from prior term). There is approximately $12,898 in account plus another $200 in Paypal.
Leslie Lilly continues to upgrade landscaping at corner (Yay Leslie!). We may need 3 new lights at the corner sign on Oakton Road. Decision mad to have Blue Sky mulch and replace blue stone at same corner.

Blue Roan wants some trees taken down (this area is mostly part of Tattersall – which has an HOA) Woods between Conestga and Tattersall are also part of that HOA. Mike Wardall is the Pres. (are there others in our neighborhood area Windsong? Wheatland Farms?)
Permits by house – you can view past permitting history on FxCo website. Do contractors always pull permits in all cases? especially internal renovations?
Barry asked that all take the next two days and please go through current directory and review for corrections, etc. and notify him of changes.

Discussion about deer management – Jim hopes to share tips with others?


The meeting was adjourned at 8:32 p. m.
Minutes submitted by Secretary Leslie Campbell